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Just got my copy of _Dinosaur World_ 4 (Spring 1998). Congrats to the 
editors (Allen Debus, Gary Williams and John Lanzendorf) - though 
they are running to a tight budget, the magazine has excellent 
content and is stacked full of info.

This issue has Gerard Geirlinski on a 'feathered' ichnotrace, photos 
of his feathered dilophosaur sculpture (wow!!), an interview with 
Paul Sereno, interview with Ken Carpenter (mentions Godzilla and, 
more importantly, _Gojirasaurus_), William Hammer on Antarctic 
dinosaurs, me on ichthyosaur locomotion, Tom Holtz on coelurosaur 
evolution, and loads more. Subscribe if (1) you are interested in 
Mesozoic vertebrates, and (2) if you are not already a subscriber.

Cliff Green's article on allosaurs mentions 'the wacky looking gavial 
headed spinosaurid that Paul Sereno just brought back from Africa'. 
Say what? I've seen photos of the new spinosaur, and it was not 
'gavial-headed'.. I presume Green is using a bit of artistic license.

"I sense something. A presence I've not felt since...."