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Re: COWBIRDS....SHUDDER & nest predation

don't some of the eagles have the first-hatched baby kill the
second-hatched baby?  Of it's OWN species and of related genetic
siblings in the same nest?  Do we have to assume that egg parasites are
the main way for baby dinosaurs to get bumped off?

-Betty Cunningham

Matthew Troutman wrote:
or parasite tolerance among host species.>>
> I have never heard of this from anyone.  Basically all nest parasites do
> is lay their eggs when the host parents are gone and leave.  The baby
> does the rest.  The hosts adopt the baby as their own and care for it,
> even though it is killing their young!  This is how nest parasites do
> their thing; they seem to go for birds that will vare for whatever live
> object is in their nest.  The baby nest parasite gets free parental care
> (and a lot of it since it kills all the baby in the nest ) and free
> shelter.