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Re: back to science

way back at the opening of the Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park exhibit at the
94 SVP, I got to listen to Ken Carpenter expounded over dinosaur eggs in
the dinosaur egg case room, and I "think" I recall him saying that
almost ALL dinosaur eggs are broken in that 1) hatched eggs are broken
out by the dinosaur itself, and 2) the un-hatched dinosaur eggs are
broken as the egg itself is buried and dehydrated.  Dehydration reduces
the volume of the egg in the matrix around it, and the weight of the
soil crushes the eggs when the insides dry up.  The 'bottoms' are
usuaully uncrushed so THAT is why preperators prep the bottoms first. 
Or so I heard.

-Betty Cunningham

Ralph Miller III wrote:
> Not to mention that theses clutches are presumably excavated from below (by
> the preparators) so as to preserve the _unbroken_ undersides of the eggs
> (from which the sauropod chicks have already hatched).  In other words, not
> only is the nest not demonstrably bowl-shaped, but the shell hasn't been
> trampled to bits as in the nests of the presumably altricial _Maiasaura_
> young.  So this type of clutch is not the least bit consistent with a nest
> attendance hypothesis.