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Finally some non-theropod questions (actual question enclosed)

Sorry. It's not that I don't like theropods or anything, it's just that they 
are always the main topic when talking about dinosaurs. It's just nice to talk 
about some of the many other dinosaur species.

Anyway on to my question. The recent talk about sauropods and their growth 
habits made me wonder:

Are there any baby and juvenile sauropod skulls that show any marked difference 
between adults in tooth arrangments?

Do baby sauropods have more robust teeth for chewing on tougher plant matter? 

I realize that a sauropod skull is the "diamond in the ruff' of all dino skulls 
and I'm not even sure if there are any of young specimens. 

Archosaur J

Getting it in now before pack hunting dromeosaurs take over the ist again.

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