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darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
> Just got my copy of _Dinosaur World_ 4 (Spring 1998). Congrats to the
> editors (Allen Debus, Gary Williams and John Lanzendorf) - though
> they are running to a tight budget, the magazine has excellent
> content and is stacked full of info.

I also extend my congrates to Allen Debus et al. I recieved my copy
today also.

> This issue has Gerard Geirlinski on a 'feathered' ichnotrace, photos
> of his feathered dilophosaur sculpture (wow!!), an interview with
> Paul Sereno, interview with Ken Carpenter (mentions Godzilla and,
> more importantly, _Gojirasaurus_), William Hammer on Antarctic
> dinosaurs, me on ichthyosaur locomotion, Tom Holtz on coelurosaur
> evolution, and loads more. Subscribe if (1) you are interested in
> Mesozoic vertebrates, and (2) if you are not already a subscriber.
Interesting articles that I still need to read.

> Cliff Green's article on allosaurs mentions 'the wacky looking gavial
> headed spinosaurid that Paul Sereno just brought back from Africa'.
> Say what? I've seen photos of the new spinosaur, and it was not
> 'gavial-headed'.. I presume Green is using a bit of artistic license.

I asked Paul late last year about the "70%" complete spinosaur that he
found, and he said he had no idea what I was talking about. The only
'gavial-headed' spinosaur materal that I know of what Milner (I think
that's how gave the talk at the SVP at the AMNH) is at the Britsh Museum
of Natural History. I think he was talking about the elognated front end
of the skull. I'm sure Darren has seen the material first hand, but
can't really say much due to professional curtsy.