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Re: back to science

Since this is a modern species, has anyone studied WHERE large birds get
the minerals in their diet from?  Chicken farmers use oyster shells to
supplement calcium in laying hens so the eggs don't deplete the hen's
own calcium.  I assume wild ostriches don't have this option.  

Does feather scale (the stuff that flakes off of newly grown feathers)
contain particular minerals?  In grooming birds probably do ingest some
of this scaley stuff and perhaps it supplements some of their own
mineral losses.

-Betty Cunningham

who has now eaten emu, ostrich, alligator, and kangaroo (and prefers

GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> Sauropods did grow very rapidly. Kirsti Curry's work on their bone histologu
> shows ungulate like growth rates. Self feeding baby ostriches grow to 100 kg
> in just a year, they manage to get the calcium.
> GSPaul