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Spinosaur material

To all:

(I posted a few days ago asking for resources to the new spinosaur material.
I didn't get too many responses...)

I am planning a renovation of my Spinosaurus drawing (which can be seen at
Mike Keesey's page).  In this, I would like to include all the new information
present in the bits and pieces that have been found from the new spinosaurs.
Exactly what parts of the skeleton are represented in these new finds and
where might I find pictures of these specimens?  Has enough been found to get
a somewhat clearer picture of what Spinosaurus may have looked like?  Or can
we only guess that it looked sort of like Baryonyx (albeit with friggin' long
neural arches)?   

_Any_ help will be greatly appreciated.


Rachel Clark

"Oh no!  It's the oppressors!  Christians and Republicans and Nazis, oh my!"