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Decendant questions

Okay so here's my problem I keep finding sources that conclude that birds
are dinosaurs, that they are dinosurs closest relative....and as you can
also bet I have found that carocodilians compose the other half of the
information.  So there we have it, I am despratly trying to finish a
research paper that I have been working on for 10 months and I am still
having a hard time deciding for myself....arghhhh!!!!  I am the type of
preson who has to see it to believe it and in this case I am see both,
nope, all arguments as being creditable.  Hummm I guess I need a dart
board.  Yet realisticly I have a hard time believing that birds are infact
dinosaurs, because I do not know enough of thier history and biology yet
(that starts this summer as with crocs and lizzards).  To clear things up
I have changed my major from geology to biology and geology with a math
minor...Oh I am a scatter brain this week :>  Okay so there it is my
dillema...whos' band wagon to jump on...what I really want to do is find
out for myself but for know a sacarfice must be made.  Whoopie!!!!