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Re:Mesozoic Animal Groupings

I was wondering when someone was going to get around to this bit of
Last fall while driving back to our base camp from the dig site a group of us
started coming up with dinosaur group names.  The list follows, feel free to
expand and expound.  Please no flamming, we KNOW some of these are pretty
dumb!  I don't even understand all of them!  I'm just the message bearer.
A Bar of Drinkers or A Mug of Drinkers
A Marsh of Mososaurs
A Bakker of Diplodoci
A Sereno of Carcharadontosaurs
A Bristle of Styracosaurs
A Comradery of Camarasaurs or A Kodak of Camarasaurs
A Seige of Alamosaurs
A Hoser of Albertosaurs
A Fix of Brachiosaurs
A Ghost of Coelophysis
A Mormon of Utahraptors
A Kindom pf Tyrannosaurus rex
A Rip of Pterosaurs
An Umbrella of Parasuarolophus
A Spectacle of Troodons
A Scramble of Scelidosaurs
A Crevasse of Chasmosaurs
An E.I. o' Eoraptors
A Sprain of Ankylosaurs
A Thank-you of Pleisiosaurs
A Rainbow of Kakuru


Neh khise

Rik Chandler