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Tomorrow Morning's BALTIMORE SUN

For those of you on the list who can get the BALTIMORE SUN [In all major cities it might be available at places that handle the major metropolitan papers, like at least in some BORDER'S book stores and similar others], tomorrow morning's (Thursday's) SUN will have a feature article with color photos, concerning my research into Cretaceous tracks of Maryland -- mainly made by dinosaurs, but also a few birds (avian dinos if you prefer), and a few mammals and pterosaurs.  The SUN reporter did his homework, seeking and getting evaluations of the collection's scientific significance from professional scientists who have examined the collection, such as Dr. David Weishampel of Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Robert Bakker who spent six hours looking over the collection (and who kindly gave the collection a stand-up testimony at the Dinofest '98 Scientific Symposium), Dr. Robert Weems of the USGS, and Dr. James Reger of the Maryland Geological Survey.  The materials shown the SUN science reporter on the record, were previously covered in my Dinofest papers.
    For those of you in reach of the BALTIMORE SUN, enjoy it if you're interested in reading about and seeing photos of some of the contributions to scientific knowledge, concerning Cretaceous fauna, which an amateur has made.  Of course I realize the SUN is not on par with a scientific journal, but the reporter appeared to me to be a conscientious lover of science and my bet is that he did a good job.  Tomorrow will tell.
    Ray Stanford