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Foraml Appology for "Decendant questions" post

I have just read my latest post to this list-serv.  I am very embarrassed
of the lack of quality, spelling, grammar, and consistency it displayed.
As most may know by now, my posts are riddled with misspelling and poor
grammar.  I have found that it takes more than just asking a question to
get an opinion, it takes a spell checker :).  I am saddened by some of the
off-list replies I have received. I had hoped that people have more to do
than flame and bash one another over a single post. Yet there are those I
have to thank who did offer constructive criticism in dealing with my
posting ability.

I wish to say that there are more people that I am thanking than not. 
I hope that I have concluded this ordeal pertaining to my last post.  

Thank you for you understanding and patience,