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To all:

  It would seem that some of you have difficulties with my
OVIRAPTOROSAURIA! posts (the technical, non-content ones, mind you).

  First is the format of the posts themselves, read in html format on
Part Three. If anyone else is having difficulty reading this and wants
to, then e-mail me privately and I will send it in plain text format.

  Second, for those of you having difficulty reading the website, I
appologize. Some readers may be designed for 16-bit on their screens,
and some of the colors on the page go out of this range, so I may have
to modify the site a little. Those of you with difficulty, again,
e-mail me privately and I will see how to fix this, if it is on my
head to do so.

  And also, it doesn't seem my Part Two [Taxa and Phyllogenetics -
Caenagnathidae] post got to the list, at least it hasn't popped into
my inbox, and all messages I send out to pop back in, and I
unfortunately did not save this part of the post itself, so if enough
of you want to know what I think about that group, e-mail me
(publicly, even) and I will try to get it rewritten (if need be) or
send my collected works from the site...or whatever.

  Jaime A. Headden
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