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Re: why Cain killed Abel

Bill Adlam wrote:
> The first chick to hatch is stronger because it was laid earlier, not
> because its genes are better.  So why lay a second egg?  The junior chick
> is a vice-president*.  It has no function whatsoever except to take over if
> the elder chick fails to hatch, dies, falls sick or is injured.  In some
> birds the number of chicks that can be reared is not known, so it's
> possible that all the offspring will survive, but in many cases, especially
> eagles, it is never possible to fledge two chicks in a season.

If it was good enough for the Ottoman Empire, its good enough for other 
dinosaurs.  Seriously, Cainism is not unknown even among H. sapiens.

  --Toby White