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Dig at Eskridge a success!

        Haven't heard from you so thought I would drop you a line. I am 
planning to
return to Eskridge dig in the week of July 17-23. The actual dates are a
little flexible in that time frame. I had hoped you would be able to make it,
so as to do the sedimentology work up before we make the really big dig with
the equipt. There is also the quarry at Hamilton, and another at Bushong. They
are pennsylvanian age, and as you know the Eskridge is permian.Both Larry
Martin, and Mike Morales said they would appreciate any info you could
provide, since all these areas are yeilding new genus, and species and the
info will be necessary for any papers in the works. Let me know asap so that I
can start work on the arrangements and all. Oh, by the way, we have 26 new
specimens from the Eskridge dig, and 8 are complete skulls. I have about half
of them here in my lab, and I have my preparatory work cut out for me!