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Re: follow-up on sauropods

Just adding a few thoughts about energy consumption:

>>> Can you lay down?  No.  Can you sit down?  No.  24 hours a day (or is it 23 
>>> in the Jurassic?) you are on your feet.

Beside size, is there any anatomical reason why they couldn't? Mind you, I 
can't picture a Sauropod *habitually* lounging for a snooze, either. Imagine 
how long it would take to get up!!! 

Regardless, lots of animals that don't lay down have interesting was of resting 
that can conserve energy. Sleeping horses, for example, stand on three legs and 
rotate the resting leg.  

>24 hours a day you have to keep your 5-ton tail and 10-ton neck elevated, and 
>your 20-ton trunk relatively straight. 

Sauropod verts are wondrous things! The animal could hold itself up will less 
energy that you'd think. They have quite an impressive support system!

Sauropods can tax our imaginations!

-Sherry Michael