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Was Triceratops pestered by ticks?

To all:

I have been tempted often to draw bloated ticks attached to the face of a
tyrannosaur, or to show little pterosaurs pecking between folds of skin on a
large sauropod to get at the parasites.  However, I, being a complete
ignoramus in invertebrate paleontology, was unsure whether ticks or the like
even existed back in the Mesozoic.  Were parasites such as ticks and mites
around back then?  Were any other sorts of dermal parasites around that might
have pestered dinosaurs?  Heck, where there even any pterosaurs with snouts
suited to parasite-picking?  

Any answers would be much appreciated!

Always looking for the little grotesque details of Mesozoic life,

Rachel Clark 

"You will respect my authori-TAY!"