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Re: Naming conventions

Dear dinosaurophiles:

Most naming conventions bug the poop out of me, as well.  It seems that the
recent onslaught of "-raptor" names is due to professionals trying to appeal
to the public using mass media.  However, "-raptor" might be suitable for
these theropods anyway.  The Latin word "raptor" means not only "thief," but
also plunderer, ravisher, etc.  _Utahraptor_ may not have been a thief, but
with a sickle-claw like that, it must have been doing some ravishing!

The naming convention that _really_ gets on my nerves is the use of -saurus.
Sure, it's traditional, it sounds cool, but nowadays it's really inappropriate
for dinosaurs.  "-saurus" means "lizard," and I think by now most people have
abandoned the idea of dinosaurs being big lizards.  Then why do the "-saurus"
names continue to be?  "Lizard" is not descriptive for any dinosaur, so we
should be seeing the end of its usage in dinosaur names.  These days, dinosaur
names should be more apropos to their holders!  

I think we should get rid of this "-saurus" kaka.  Dinosaurs should be named
on an individual basis, and emphasis should be put on giving dinosaurs
eloquent names, as well.   There should be less in the vein of "something-o-
saurus" and more in the vein of _Deltadromeus_, _Afrovenator_, and

Come on, professionals!  Bring on the good names!

Rachel Clark

"Ooo, snacky cakes?  Get down!"