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Re: Allosaurus fragilis vs. "Creosaurus" atrox

twilliams@canr1.cag.uconn.edu wrote:

<< As for "_Allosaurus/Creosaurus atrox_", the features 
 used to distinguish this species from _A. fragilis_ can be attributed 
 to intraspecific variation within the species _A. fragilis_. >>

Does this mean we should discredit the possibility that these are two distinct
species or genera?  Until Bakker publishes convincing evidence for their
separation, should I just assume that "Creosaurus atrox" = _Allosaurus
fragilis_?  (The morphological differences Bakker presented at SVP '97 and
DinoFest '98 seemed pretty convincing to me, but then what do I know?)  

Rachel Clark

"What's a chicken like you doing in a coop like this?"