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Re: Ozraptor (was Re: Naming conventions)

>Speaking of the Lizard of Oz, with whose name Dan has no problem,
>could someone please clarify whether Ozraptor was six feet tall or six
>feet long?  It wasn't clear from the article I read a few weeks back.
>A brief description would also be welcome.  Or point me to where in
>the archives if I missed it!
>"We're off to see the lizard . . ."

We are talking one weenie little distal bit-of-a-shin here! My guesstimate
would a total length of a little over 2 metres so six feet long would be
correct. As to the description, it will be in the next Rec. WA Museum which
is due for release any moment now (in short, small Middle Jurassic theropod
from Bringo with uniquely shaped astragular attachment points).

Oh...and I find the "Lizard of Oz" moniker to be an abomination against
life itself.

"This is so...nuts...I mean listen to what you're saying! Its paranoid
its really sad....its pathetic!"
Brian Choo