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Max Steiner's Dinosaur Music

I just finished listening to my latest CD purchase, _King Kong, Max Steiner's
Original, The Complete 1933 Film Score_on Marco Polo  No.8.223763. You can
hear the brontosaur rising from the swamp, the footsteps of the tyrannosaur,
and even the quiver of the tail of the stegosaur in its death throws.
Reconstructed by John W. Morgan and conducted by William J. Stromberg with the
Moscow Symphony Orchestra, it took me back thirty-five years when I was just a
kid riding home on a bus, long after a midnight screening of Kong with all
those sounds and images rattling around in my head. Really, really good stuff.
This recording would be great listening while you post your next message to
the list, work on your latest life restoration, number-crunch your new
cladogram, or lovingly prepare your latest legally collected fossil. Marco
Polo has a website<http://www.hnh.com>. I ordered my copy from
<http://towerrecords.com>.Enjoy, Dan Varner.