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Re: Big alligator thing

Were you on the show due to the fact you went up river led by a certain
gentleman from LACM and were in on the discovery of the Purussaurus
skull?Just wondered, as I had a copy of the skull made for an exhibit in
South Carolina.


Stephen Faust                   smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, chris brochu wrote:

> >         I once  heard of a specimin, an alligator or crocodile I believe,
> >which skull alone, and  was the only part of it that has been found I
> >think, was about 150 feet long.  Corections? Info?      
> >                                    
> Myth.  There was a spot on Purussaurus (a big South American Mio-Pliocene
> caiman) on Paleoworld a couple of years ago where someone suggested an
> animal approaching 90 ft. long, but this is clearly wrong, and (despite the
> fact I was on it) that was one of the worst episodes of Paleoworld ever
> made.  The maximum size for any fossil crocodyliform is on the order of 35
> to 40 ft.
> chris
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