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HMNH Web Contest

The Goofy Dinosaur online trading card series has been up and running for a year
now, and it seems time to wrap it up before I commit to explaining the potential
wackiness of *every* dinosaurian fossil ever exhumed.

To help finish it off with a bang, I've put together a "Pick the Final Goofy
Dino" contest. Simply submit your ideas as to which Goofy Dinosaur(s) I've
forgotten, along with your arguments as to why they should be considered, and
I'll pick the most compelling to use as Goofy Dinosaur #41. Prizes include
original artwork, custom mousepads and non-perishable foodstuffs, so enter early
and enter often!

Contest rules and a list of the Goofy Dinosaurs already used can be found at:


Looking forward to your guesses and thanking non-interested listmembers for
their indulgence,