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Re: Naming conventions

I dunno.  Australia's kinda big.  WOuld you want a dinosaur that was
only found in the Ghost Ranch quarry in Arizona to go around with a name
like Usaraptor?  Wouldn't tell ANYONE where in hell you found it.  
Further "raptor" means thief, not carnivore. 
So the name "Ozraptor" is not terribly helpful, in my humble opinion.
Minmi, at least you could figure out where it was from and go from

-Betty Cunningham

Dann Pigdon wrote:
>         I have no problem with the "place name"-raptors. Ozraptor is
> a recent example. The name itself tells people where the fossils
> were found (at least the first ones), and that they were two-legged
> carnivores of some description.