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Re: early feathers

there are feathers found unassociated from a carcass in the Solnholfen
limestones which are now associated with Archie, the only feathered
critter to also come out of the Solnholfen limestones.

-Betty Cunningham

Colette H. Adams wrote:
> >The oldest certified feathers in the fossil record are those associated
> with Archaeopteryx. Period.
> I don't understand what is meant here by "associated with Archaeopteryx."
> Do you mean found within a few meters of Archaeopteryx fossil remains in
> the same formation?  Do you mean having a structure that matches
> Archaeopteryx feathers?  Are they contour feathers, flight feathers, or what?
> My understanding is that the frequency of feather evidence increases
> dramatically in the early Cretaceous.  What kind of feathers are they and
> what type of evidence is it?  Amber?  Impressions?  Any references would be
> appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Dave