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Re: Lizard of Oz

At 08:11 PM 6/8/98 -0400, TRUETT GARNER wrote:
>What's next ? Dorthysaura ? Totolestes ?Munchkinraptor ? I know ,
>RayBolgervenator . 
>Sorry , couldn't resist

Also for those of us who are familiar with the Oz *books* as well as the
there is _Ozmasaura_, _Jelliasaura jambi_, _Jinjuraptor_, _Tiktokosuchus_,
_Jackpumpkinocephalus_, _Scrapsophysis_, and _Polychromoceratops_... :)

And Oz isn't the first children's literature to be honored with a dinosaur...
_Borogovia_ (a Troodontid) is named for the mimsy Borogoves in the
"Jabberwocky" poem from Lewis Carroll's _Through the Looking-Glass_.

                             -- Dave

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