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Giggle, In real life I am an art historian as well as historian of
science.  I can't help being amused and bemused at Ed's remarks about
various artists from the past who could be called "hacks."  One of the
things which I have to combat constantly with my students who are art
majors is the notion that if you make a living with your art, or God
forbid, do commercial art, or art which someone else commissions, then you
are not an "artist."  Gad...  The concept that art was some sort of
creative burst devoid of a patron or a commission or that artists just "do
art" and "stay faithful to their own aesthetics, etc" is most modern.  It
arose in the 19th century and continues to imho pollute the 20th century
and likely will continue to pollute the 21st century.  Artists like
Leonardo, even Rembrandt, Durer, Rubens--- guys like that-- were
oftentimes by this modern definition, not artists, but commercial artists.
Psst,,, Rubens, and Durur did book illustrations!!!! I suspect that if
these above mentioned had been told that they were not artists, or as Ed
jokingly notes, "hacks" they would have thought whoever said that quite
deranged.  Actually they would have probably thought the person bewitched
as Charcot and/or Freud hadn't come by yet :) but that is another story
for another day.   Cheers,  rest assured that those who create imagery
about paleontological subjects ARE artists.  As Mammy Yokum would say, "Ah
has spoken."


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