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Top Ten Stories

I have been asked by a group of teachers to list the "top" paleontology 
stories of 1997-98. For sheer media coverage, probably Sue's auction topped 
them all. But media coverage is not as important as significance. I'd like 
to know what people on the list think were the most important or 
significant finds/discoveries/theories/changes in attitudes. (I define 
important or significant as something that has added to the body of 
knowledge or caused a re-thinking in some way.) I'm not really concerned 
whether it was 12/97 or 1/98 -- just in other words, as a 
scientist/paleontologist/geologist or educated amateur, what do you think 
are the paleo milestones of the last 12-18 months -- and why?
I can't think of a better group to answer such a question.
(Ellen) Sue Blakey
The Wyoming Dinosaur Center, Thermopolis