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New theropod skull

        I collected a new incomplete theropod skull in the Upper Jurassic levels
of Lourinhã, Portugal. It is in a big stone block with a very hard sediment
cover and is not possible to say much on the taxonomy but it was a big
animal (the mandible would had, at least, 45 cm if complete). 
        I am working on the skull and preparing the block. I look forward to see
more details of the skull. 

In this summer all volunteers are welcome to help us in the excavations and
in the lab on the several new discoveries in Lourinhã.


Octávio Mateus

Octávio MATEUS
GEAL- Museu da Lourinhã
Rua João Luis de Moura
2530 Lourinhã
Email: museulourinha@mail.telepac.pt
Telefone & Fax: ++351.61.413995