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Re: Top Ten Stories

        The "Discover" magazine considered two dinosaur findings among the
"Top 100 Science Stories" in 1997 (Vol. 18; number 1; January 1998): 

1-      The Rothschild's discovery on the Tyrannosaurus which suffered from
2-      The dinosaur nest in Lourinhã, Portugal. 

The reasons for the second one are:
The age (Upper Jurassic). Is the oldest NEST in Europe and it is among the
5 oldest nests in the world.
The nest dimension. More than 100 were found, 32 meters square were dug,
and the actual eggshell dispersion was 10 m.
The presence of embryos. About 200 bones (mostly incomplete bones) of
theropod embryos were found. Are the first embryos found in European eggs
and the theropod embryos are quite rare in the world (I don't know if there
are theropod embryos found in Jurassic. Can someone in the Dinosaur List
answer it?).

        Best regards,

        Octávio Mateus
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