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Re: Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus (Was Re: Novel way to reconstruct a skull)

You say,

>Doctor Bob is not necessarily above this kind of chicanery to
>push forward a passionately held viewpoint.

    If you have even a modicum of evidence that Bakker "is not necessarily
above this kind of chicanery..." you would better one's impression of you to
tell us what revelation (and whether it's factual or divine) of such a
character fault you possess.  If not, it would be prudent to keep your
opinion to yourself.  Unsubstantiated put-down does not deserve coverage on
this list.

    Dr. Bakker has extensive field experience and vast hands-on experience
with cranial and other skeletal  materials. He is an extremely  observant
person, with marvelous correlative ability.  Sure, he knows how to talk to
the lay adult and to children about dinosaurs, and does so simply and
eloquently, becoming therefore a favorite of the media.  I think this shows
he has a lot of both scientific sense and common sense, and  if this pleases
the media, more power to him.  That constitutes humanity and not chicanery,
regardless of how one evaluates Robert T. Bakker's unforgettable


    Ray Stanford