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Re: Stopping the paleoartist flame war. was Re: REHEATING THE "PALEOARTIST" DEBATE

---"D.I.G." <dinosaur@dinosaur.org> wrote:
> Sadly, from my point of view, this thread has degenerated once more
> a flame war and I feel it is innappropiate for such an esteemed list. 

So you're "stopping" it?  I'm afraid that we may continue the
discussion in any event.  

A more effective way to stop a mailing list discussion, if you're so
inclined, is to stop responding.
> There is, for me, more heat than light: the tiny number of folks who
> work rather hard at portraying dinosaurs each have their own form of
> integrity, and impugning that doesn't help much.

We're not discussing anyone's integrity.  We're discussing a properly
descriptive term for a certain kind of artist.


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