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Re: Complete Guide to Dinosaur Skeletons

Yes, you can read a review of Gregory S. Paul's _The Complete Guide to
Dinosaur Skeletons_, published in 1996 by Gakken Mook, ISBN4-05-400656-6,
at the Dinosaur Art and Modeling web site at
<www.indyrad.iupui.edu/public/jrafert/dinoart.html> under "books."

The preceding web site offers some contact information for ordering the
book.  I special ordered mine from Kinokuniya Book Stores, which has a
number of branches, including New York, L.A. and San Francisco.  It will
take a number of weeks for the book to reach you, as it is being ordered
from Japan, but it is worth the wait.  To locate the Kinokuniya nearest
you, type in <www.kinokuniya.co.jp/english>, then click on "stores," then
click on "overseas stores" if you are not local to their Japan home base. 
Or you could try going directly to
<www.kinokuniya.co.jp/english/html/network2.html> to arrive at the list of
stores, complete with addresses and phone numbers.  I provided this
information back in March, but some of you apparently haven't bought the
book yet.

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com