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Re: Top Ten Stories

1) that Devonian fingered fish from Pennsylvania 
it may not be as popular amongst dinosaur people but I think it will
have as many repercussions in science as..

http://www.phillynews.com/98/Jan/08/fin.html  (pictures)

2).. just what IS that fuzzy stuff on Sinosauropteryx?

-Betty Cunningham

Sue Blakey wrote:
> I have been asked by a group of teachers to list the "top" paleontology
> stories of 1997-98. For sheer media coverage, probably Sue's auction topped
> them all. But media coverage is not as important as significance. I'd like
> to know what people on the list think were the most important or
> significant finds/discoveries/theories/changes in attitudes. (I define
> important or significant as something that has added to the body of
> knowledge or caused a re-thinking in some way.) I'm not really concerned
> whether it was 12/97 or 1/98 -- just in other words, as a
> scientist/paleontologist/geologist or educated amateur, what do you think
> are the paleo milestones of the last 12-18 months -- and why?