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Paleontology degrees (was Re: Schools)

---Phil Bigelow <bigelowp@juno.com> wrote:

> Keep in mind that there are no undergraduate programs that
> offer a BS in paleontology.  You should major in either geology
> and/or biology as an undergraduate.  Then specialize in
> vertebrate paleontology as a graduate student.

Do most people planning to go into paleontology major in geo or bio? 
Just curious -- I don't know if I'd want to fight all the pre-med

I had planned on studying bio as an undergrad in order go into
paleontology myself but I was dissuaded by everyone I wrote or spoke
to from doing so.  This was the late 70's, and there seem to have been
virtually no jobs back then.  I even wrote a letter to the curator of
vertebrate paleontology at the AMNH (who was that at that time?) and
HE discouraged me from entering the field!  (Didn't keep the letter so
I can't attribute the writer.) I was shocked and studied history

Ah well, there's always the dinosaur mailing list.


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