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Hell Creek flora help request

I plan to create an authentic 1/40th scale diorama of a Hell Creek
scene, and am looking for some assistance.

I will portray a small pond surrounded by lush vegetation.  At the
edge of the pond taking a drink will be a hadrosaur.  wading further
out will be a pachcephalosaur. The hadrosaur will be turning it's head
slightly to the right, toward the forest behind it.

Seen from one angle, that's all you'll see.  Seen from another angle,
where the forest beyond the pond will be "cut away," will be a
tyrannosaur looking out from the vegetation at the hadrosaur.

I'd like to make this as accurate as possible, avoiding the normal
"buy some artifical greenery and glue them to the base" mentality of
some modelers of prehistoric subjects.  I already have suberb dinosaur
models (resin versions of the Battat tyrannosaur, maiasaura (which
I'll use as a generic hardosaur -- a crack opens already!) and
pachycephalosaur, but need help on the vegetation.

Is there an online resource showing restorations of hell creek flora? 
If not, and I assume there isn't, what is a good published guide?  I
have the Czerkas book which has a brief guide to flora in the back,
but am looking for something more detailed.  Estimated sizes would be
especially helpful, and color restorations would be ideal.

Thanks in advance,


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