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Re: Novel way to reconstruct a skull)

Considering that this wax-build-up technique has been used in archeology
(especially in the early Egyptian excavatons by Petrie and prior in the
excavation of Troy) for many years to rebuild smashed artworks and
smashed whatever else, I don't really know what all the dang fuss is
about.  Bakker is not the first to have used this technique in a
scientific field.

-Betty Cunningham

> If the bones, themselves, are lithostatically  plastically-deformed 
> (and I read Allan's post that way), then rebending wax replicas 
> isn't *necessarily* making an already bad diagentic condition 
> any worse. (It may not necessarily be making the situation any 
> better, either!).
> If the bones are *not* plastically deformed, then I would indeed
> be suspicious of a preparator who attempts to bend wax replicas
> to make the skull bones articulate a certain way.