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Re: Hell Creek flora help request

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998 08:54:31 -0700 (PDT) Larry Dunn
<majestic_cheese@yahoo.com> writes:

>I plan to create an authentic 1/40th scale diorama of a Hell Creek
>scene, and am looking for some assistance.

>Is there an online resource showing restorations of hell creek flora? 

Unfortunately, none that I know of.  There are well over a hundred
distinct morphotypes of megaflora in the H.C., most of which are
stashed away in the Yale Museum collections.

Kirk Johson and the Denver Museum staff were going to /already have
created a Lancian diorama, involving flora from the Hell Creek and
Lance Formations, so you may want to contact them for any sources
for images of these plants. 

>If not, and I assume there isn't, what is a good published guide?  I
>have the Czerkas book which has a brief guide to flora in the back,
>but am looking for something more detailed.  Estimated sizes would be
>especially helpful, and color restorations would be ideal.

There are only a couple photos of Hell Creek leaves in:

.Johnson, K. R., and Stucky, R.K. 1995.Prehistoric Journey.   Robert
          Publishers. 144 p.

There are a couple photos and drawings of Hell Creek leaves in:

Horner and Lessem. 1993.  The Complete T. rex.   Simon and Schuster.

See also:

Johnson, K. 1997. Hell Creek Flora, pp. 300-302, in Currie, P., and K.
          (eds.), Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, Academic Press, 869 pages.

Unfortunately, no photos or drawings.

See also:


Again, no photos or drawings.


Phillip Bigelow

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