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Re: : Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus (Was Re: Novel way to reconstruct a skull)

Robert Boscarelli wrote:
> Greetings,
>   I've been on several digs with Dr Bakker and he favors brontosaurus over
> apatosaurus because the former is so ingrained in popular thought and
> writing. Also, I think he just likes the name better.

Actually, he is now using both. If you cannot lick'em, split'em.

He has Brontosaurus excelsius and B. louisi in the middle Morrison and
Apatosaurus ajax at the top.

He is proposing the genus Eobrontosaurus for his new species from the
lower Morrison. That paper will be out in our Lower to Mid. Cret.
Terrestrial ecosystems symposium volume that will be out next fall.

Jim Kirkland 
Dinamation Int'l Soc.