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Re: I'm Walkin' here!!

I think that I described just such a motion as a 'rollicking roll' and a
'vertical bob'.
It makes me think that they didn't go that fast as the wasted energy for
side-to-side motion plus all that head weaving would be too exaggerated
at high speeds.  Perhaps it improved ankylosaur visibility.  Certainly
it would seem a lot noisier than necessary.

-Betty Cunningham

David Krentz wrote:
> Now say I have a dining
> room table with really short legs that is attempting the camel walk.  It
> would really have to lean the side to maintian its balance as the legs on the
> opposite side passed under the body.  Hope that makes sense!

  I believe this would also give you a bit more vertical bob
> and a rollicking roll of the front-end each step than what a pig, etc,
> does (you could possibly get some nice character-building head swings
> during a walk)