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Re: Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus (Was Re: Novel way to reconstruct a skull) -Reply

> Ralph Chapman wrote:
> > Sorry George but your original statement was TOTALLY out of line.


> > Reputation regarding the veracity of one's research is the most
> > thing a researcher has because all research can be faked in one
form or
> > another. Questioning this is something to be done only when there is
> > solid evidence of a problem. Damage is possible not only  when you
> > fraud has happened, but also when you say someone is capable of
> > fraud. It's really said the same thing about a person.

I have a question about this:

Doesn't Bakker open himself up for critiques such as these when he
says things like "with it's electric carving knife jaws the
Coelophysis was the top predator of the Triassic" on a program
promoting _C_?  

I really can see him doing another show focusing on the "crimson
crocs" (as he calls them) and just as readily saying "Postosuchus was
the top dog of the Triassic, a hulking fifteen foot land croc from
hell."  In his enthusiasm to make every animal exciting and accessable
(this, in my humble opinion, is the reason for most of his alleged
transgressions, and he usually succeeds), doesn't he directly
contradict himself (and the evidence) sometimes?


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