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>From NDH

Allan was merely making a statment that was true, "Raptor" was not given by
Crichton, it's just the adopted for the family of dromaeosaurs, certainly
not anything to fuss about.  If it helps people remember the name and want
to learn more, I have no objection.  If you can name a dinosaur more fit
for this nickname tell us all, I'm sure we would all be amused.  "Raptor"
has already been put into the publics vocabulary and I don't think you can
do anything about it.
        We are not calling dromaeosaur "robbers"(greek) but instead we are
calling them "birds of prey" (the latin meaning), I can not think of a more
apropriate nickname.  I'm certainly going to continue to say it casually,
but if I have a presentation to make I will say dromaeosaurs.

Thanks (no really)

P.S. I'm not going to respond to anymore posts on this thread.