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Re: Jurassic Park Dinosaurs

 Sam Girouard <sampgir@premier1.net> wrote:
> There are MANY Jurassic Park sites on
> the web, but NONE deal, in any depth, with the dinosaurs portrayed in the
> films. That is incredible!  --SNIP--
>       My vision is as follows. I'd like to create an >educational< Jurassic
> site, about >dinosaurs<, real dinosaurs. I'd devote page to each dinosaur

Check out "Dino-Boy Celeskey's Two-Bit Guide to The Lost World" at the
Hairy Museum of Natural History web site at
<www.io.com/~mwalk/hmnh/twobitguia.html>.  Matt "Dino-Boy" Celeskey gives a
concise debriefing on each of the _Lost World: Jurassic Park_ "dinosaurs,"
and you can also read rants on a number of other topics at the esteemed
Hairy Museum of Natural History web site.

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com