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ad hominem

Ladies and Gentlemen,
        I must express some concern over the recent thread regarding
Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus.  Some of this has been worthwhile discussion
on issues of taxonomic priority and sacral evolution in dinosaurs.  (FWIW -
crocodylians almost never increase the number of sacrals during ontogeny.
It happens, but it's rare.  Normally, they hatch with two and die with two.
Sacralization of dorsals is, however, somewhat more frequent among birds.)

        My real concern is the discussion regarding statements directed
against the academic integrity of certain individuals.  My hope is that a
policy against ad homina should be adopted by this list.  Statements that a
particular means of reconstructing a skull are inappropriate are
well-taken, but I take any claim that Dr. X or Dr. Y is, or even might be,
academically dishonest to be a VERY serious charge, and one that should not
be made lightly, and not in a public discussion forum.  I have very strong
opinions about various paleontologists, but these are discussed over a
third pitcher late during the last night of SVP, not on a public list

        On a different note - my wife and I rented "Boogie Nights" last
night. Very interesting, very bizarre.  It has nothing to do with dinosaurs
- there aren't even any birds - but one of the main characters, an X-rated
movie director played by Burt Reynolds, is named Jack Horner.



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