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Dinosaur Encyclopaedia V3.0 for Windows

At long last, and considerably later than I would have liked, version 3.0 of
The Dinosaur Encyclopaedia software is now released.
The Dinosaur Encyclopaedia contains detailed information on all fully
characterised dinosaurs described up until May, 1998. In total there are
entries for 776 different genera containing more than 1600 species, with 254
dinosaur illustrations, 410 location maps and a 40,000 word essay section.
For the more 
than 350 well characterised dinosaur genera, information includes the time
period in which the dinosaur lived, its family, its size, the location of
fossil finds, the number of species, and any special comments. In addition
to the well classified species, brief references are included to more than
400 additional names (nomina nuda, nomina dubia, synonyms etc).
The program is still selling at A$30 plus postage (about US$20 at current
exchange rates). If anyone is interested in further information, order forms
etc, please contact me off list.
Registered users should have received or will receive shortly, either by
email or standard mail, info and an upgrade order form, but anyone who has
not heard within a week or so, please contact me (it is possible that mail
addresses may have changed since the last version).
I would also be interested in some preliminary feedback from Mac users. I am
in the position now of being able to offer the Dinosaur Encyclopaedia in an
equivalent version to that for IBM. It will contain all the dinosaur
information, the essay section, built-in dictionary etc. This is possible
through conversion of the IBM version to HTML, with the result that 2
possibilities now exist for Mac users - a Nethelp version which has almost
all of the search capabilities of the IBM version, and a standard HTML
version which lacks some search options. The downside it that in both cases
it would mean shipping more than 3,000 files, and for the Nethelp version,
Netscape V3.0 or higher is required (at least officially - I suspect that
earlier versions may also work but cannot officially offer it on that
basis). Hard disk space of about 8Mb would be required (compared with 5Mb
for the IBM version). I would be interested in hearing from any Mac users
who may be interested - does the prospect of 3000 files make it an
unattractive offer, and how many would be interested in the Nethelp version.
As the functionality is less than the IBM version, I would contemplate at
this stage offering it at a lower price, 
probably A$25. Current Mac users with the text file version would be able to
upgrade for the difference between the final price and what they originally
paid for the text file (ie A$10).
I look forward to your responses
Graeme Worth
HyperWorks Reference Software (The Dinosaur Encyclopaedia).