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Hello, all...

Thanks for the input on my question about photos.  It's been a long
week...I didn't even consider using my web page for the
purpose...sheesh!  Hopefully in late August I will have several specimin
pics in the paleo section of "Explorations"...which means I'd better get
that section properly started!

Again, thanks for the input!

I do have another question, though.  78 million years ago, would the
largest carnivore in the present day Havre area (north central Montana)
have been Albertosaurus?  I have four large tooth specimins (1 to 1.5")
that I've found there.

Thanks again...
John M. Dollan
Montana State University- Northern
Graduate Assistant
ICQ# 308260
"To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the
universe...."  Carl Sagan