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Re: Paleontology degrees (was Re: Schools)

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Larry Dunn wrote:

> Do most people planning to go into paleontology major in geo or bio? 
> Just curious -- I don't know if I'd want to fight all the pre-med
> people!

(sigh) I sympathize.  I am one of the few non-pre-med bios at my college.
I am fortunate, however, in that I have a faculty that wants to keep me
around.  I was going to transfer after my sophomore year to New Mexico
where I could at least be near digs, but my department basically said,
"Please stay, we'll work with you."  Since then I have designed two
classes, Vertebrate Phylogeny (2 semesters) and Mesozoic Paleobiology.  In
the first I was the only student, but the second is going on now and we
have a small group of students enrolled.  I have been responsible for
lectures and project designs in both, and it has been a lot more work than
my 9 total semester hours earned have probably shown, but at least I have
the classes under my belt.  

To all those out there who are becoming discouraged, take heart.  Work
hard and find the right college (one willing to work with you) and you can
succeed.  Right now I am searching for a good graduate program and hope to
enroll for next August ('99).  

I'm sorry about your experience, Larry.  It seems that things have worked
out for you as an attorney, though.  Still, I think you would have made a
good paleontologist.  

(and just for kicks and to stay whole-heartedly on topic and stir up
trouble =)

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         |  +--Ornithoraces

*  elongate coracoids, retroverted pubes, lunate carpal, and a few others
** de-retroverted pubes significant (look at _Ingenia_ in _The

Have a good day all, (gotta go teach class)

Jack Conrad