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Re:Early feathers.

Dave wrote,

<My understanding is that the frequency of feather evidence increases
dramatically in the early Cretaceous.  What kind of feathers are they
what type of evidence is it?  Amber?  Impressions?  Any references would

If memory serves me , the oldest record of the fossil feathers in the
worl is:

1.- Archaeopteryx skeleton with feathers impressions. Upper

2.- Spain. In lithographic limestones from:
                    a.- Montsec outcrop. Early cretaceous
.Valanginian.(Ilerdopteryx viai) About plus 25 isolated specimens
(remiges and contour feathers in carbonaceous matter). Also in
fragmentary skeleton of Nogueronis which it have feathers and
propatagium (for first time). Feathers also in the recent fossil of a
                    b.- Las Hoyas outcrop. Early Cretaceous.
Hauterivian?. Some isolated feather and in skeleton of Concornis and
                    c.- Alava outcrop. A new outcrop of amber. Isolated
feather. Aptian-Albian?

3..- Lebanon. In amber. Hauterivian? Impression.

4.- Australia.  Koonvarra outcrop. Early Cretaceus. Albian?

5.- Siberia. Hatanga River. In amber some feathers. Early Cretaceous.

6.-Russia. Bajsa.Transbaikalia. Isolated feathers. Hauterivian.

7.-Mongolia. Gurvan-Eren; Shin-Huduk. Neocomian. And

8.-Kazagstan. Praeornis sharovi.Upper Jurasic.(Remige?)

9.-China. With Confuciusornis sanctus. Fossil bird feathered.Liaoning.
Jurasic-Cretaceous boundary.

10.-Brazil. Crato member, Santana formation. Feather isolated- remige.

Somebody know another site or outcrop?

Antoni Lacasa.
Institut Estudis Ilerdencs. Seccio de Paleontologia. Lleida.Spain.