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Re: Dinosaurian Class (was: DROMAEOSAURS AND OVIRAPTOROSAURS ....)

Dear RKC

I do believe that you posess most of the facts however, I don't think it's
fare to classify endothermic animals with ectotherms.  I assume that you're
familiar with the protomammals of yore?
        Gorgonopsians and other protomammals gave uprise to the mammals we
know today but they are considered reptilian, does this mean I'm a reptile?
We might as well throw everything back into the mix by saying that birds
are reptiles.  I'm merely saying that we musn't abolish all the bounderys
which give us diversity.  I agree with you on many points, But I still
think that we need to have strick determining factors of which one would
use to classify an animal.
I think the difference of endothermy and ectothermy should not be excluded.
        The basic rules that you are using have holes in them.  Lizards
look alot like salamanders so that means reptiles are amphibians! Early
amphibians look like lungfish, therefore amphibians are fish.  You see, it
just keeps going!  We need stricter guidelines.


P.S. I respect your oppinion and I thank you for being more polite than
some other listers (including myself).