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Re: Dinosaurian Class (was: DROMAEOSAURS AND OVIRAPTOROSAURS ....)

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Actually, protomammals are NOT reptiles. They are basal synapsids.  Hence, you
are not a reptile, you are an advanced synapsid.  Also, there is technically
no such thing as an amphibian, as far as I know.  "Amphibians" are just basal
tetrapods, so that's what they should be cladistically referred to as.  

Clade names are different from vernacular names, i.e., common names.  I
suppose the vernacular meaning of "dinosaur" = "non-avian dinosaur."
Likewise, the vernacular meaning of "reptile" = "turtles, lizards, snakes,
crocodilians, tuaturas, et al."  I agree that a distinction should be made
between the scientific definition and the vernacular definition.  However, it
only complicates matters to have 2 + different meanings for everything!  On
the Dinosaur Mailing List, however, I think it would be prudent to stick to
the scientific definitions of animals' names. 

The diversity of life isn't obscured because of cladistic grouping!
Cladistics just demonstrates how vast and rich life on Earth was and is.  

BTW, I'm an amateur.  I'm just a parrot relaying this information.

Rachel Clark 

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