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Lost messages

Seeking some minor help if possible:

    I have apparently lost all my dinosaur list messages prior to 4/17/98.
(Actually, between 12/11/97 and 4/17/98).  This is not a real problem for
most things, as I can go review the archives.

     However, if you sent me any personal email (aka direct correspondence)
of a dinosaurian nature, I included those in the same area that was
inadvertantly lost.  For those of you who did send me any such mail, could
you re-send, assuming you have kept the original posts.  Such kindness would
be very appreciated.

    Aside to Mickey:

        I recently went into the archives to try to find the posts that I
and others had made concerning dwarf elephants and dwarf mammoths.  (This
was because someone recently [about 2 weeks ago] asked about the same
subject).  I was unsucessful in locating any reference to dwarf mammoths and
dwarf elephants, made by anyone - since September 1997. (About the time the
discussion was taking place, according to my records).  [The topic names may
have been "Dwarfism" or "Smallest Elephants" or something similar].
Hopefully, this was just a minor hiccup by my browser, and not an actual


        Allan Edels